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Living as Energy: A deeper look into our Spiritual Selves

Did you know that your body has its own unique and precious energy, that is effected by everything around us??

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information. Your physical body is surrounded by your own energy field that extends as far out as your outstretched arm and the full length of your entire body. It is a highly sensitive and perceptual system, that is constantly transmitting and receiving information. Communicating with absolutely everything around us.

This energy contains, reflects and surrounds us, carrying the emotional energy that is created from ALL of our internal and external experiences. Both negative and positive.

For example, say at age 8 you had trouble with reading and your teacher made you read aloud in front of others and this resulted in another student making fun of you, this simple experience could very well create an emotional charge that if you dwelled on it, could very well create fear and anxiety every time you needed to speak publicly, and this, one event could very well lead to cellular damage!

Positive experiences are also held in our energy field. Think of a time you were really joyous or praised for a job well done. You feel positive and receive a surge of personal power.

Either of these can be tapped into unconsciously in the future. The problem is, that it is more easy to tap into the negative experiences, simply because of the way we are programmed and this is what can take us on a downward spiral.

Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include

  • Past and present relationships, both personal and professional;

  • Profound or traumatic experiences and memories;

  • Attitudes and belief patterns, including all spiritual and superstitious beliefs.

The emotions from experiences like the ones mentioned above, actually become encoded and recorded in our biological system, stored and imprinted as a memory or belief. They even contribute to the formation of our cell tissue. As a result this emotional force can and does influence your physical body, and can even make you sick.

Yes, that’s right the emotions you consistently feel, have the power to create DIS-EASE, it’s not just the food you eat and exercise you do.. NOPE it’s way more.

From what I have seen and experienced, countless times is that you can have the healthiest cleanest diet, exercise regularly, but be losing precious energy because of your experiences both past and present in relationships, the work you do in the world, the trauma you have experienced and the attitudes and beliefs you have developed. If you have not had good experiences, you can easily lose your personal power, your energy and long term this often leads to blockages in our energy system and even illness.

Understanding that true, whole health, rocking relationships both intimate and friendships goes well beneath the food on your plate and the exercise you do is perhaps the most important message I want you to take away from here. These things matter. Heck yes they do. But, if you want to get to know yourself deeply and enhance your life. Self-understanding and inquiry into who you are and who you came here to be set the stage for maximal healing, both physically and spiritually.

AND understanding the human energy systems is a means to self-understanding and is an incredible way through life’s, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Knowing that your cells tissues hold the vibrational energy of your attitudes and beliefs, can empower you to choose to make a shift towards a better feeling thought at any one time. When you are spiritually aligned and centred you can call back your energy, your power and release yourself from negative beliefs and thoughts at any time.

As Wayne Dyer so eloquently put:

“when you change the way you you look at things, the things you look at change”

This is a practise in itself and is not as easy as it sounds. The problem arises because our brain defaults to thinking negatively a lot of the time, so accessing your personal power and the part of you not caught up in the negative, fear based story, old patterning and beliefs is a big challenge. Neurobiologist Dr C Pert proved that neuropeptides (the chemicals triggered by emotions) are thoughts converted into matter. Changing this requires acknowledging the stress pattern that has contributed to it and being willing to shift and move the stuck or stagnant energy. Taking on what I like to call “Your Spiritual Assignment”


Because you were not put here to live a mediocre life, you put here to thrive to grow to learn and be the best that you can be. We are all born into this earth with an inherent spiritual task, a sacred contract to learn to use our personal power that is within us all, responsibly, wisely and most importantly Lovingly. When you say “Yes” to yourself, and have clear boundaries, you call back your personal power, your energy aligns and life just works for you.

Perhaps, the single most important question people have asked throughout history has been.

“What is my purpose in life?”

  • Do you know what your purpose is?

  • Are you willing to find out?

As Caroline Myss answered in her fantastic book Anatomy of the Spirit:

“Ones purpose is to live in a manner that is consistent with one’s spiritual ideals and to love every thought as a sacred prayer 🙏

Simple - yet far from easy

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings and as such, if we wish to be secure in our sense of self, it’s vital we learn how to avoid being sapped by other peoples negative energy, our own attachments, stories and fears. As mentioned already, your spirit/soul embodies all your thoughts and emotions and records each and everyone of them. Every emotional, mental, creative, physical and resting activity is recorded. Every judgement we make is noted. Every attitude we hold is a source of positive or negative power for which we are accountable and all of this resides physically and energetically in your body, each and every emotion, has it’s own specific frequency, wavelength or vibration.

The Emotional Guidance Scale, by Abraham Hicks, who is one of my favourite law of attraction teachers, shows us a great depiction in sequence from our highest to lowest vibrational emotions. As you can see in the diagram below, the vibration of fear, grief, depression, powerlessness and victim are the lowest, and in between that are a great number of emotions each vibrating at different frequencies or energies until you reach the top emotions, which are that of love, joy, appreciation and freedom.

Just as the human body has a physical anatomy, the subtle body also has an energy anatomy. Our energy anatomy consists of our aura which has several different layers and our "chakras" or energy centres correlate to the function of specific organs and emotions. Each chakras is calibrated to absorb and process specific emotional and psychological energies, transmitting and receiving energy at corresponding frequencies. Each chakra is therefore, effected differently depending on the type of emotion that is present and can be in balance or “in-tune” overactive or under-active depending on the individuals ability to process the emotion, their beliefs, past experiences, stories, patterns etc. .

While every individual's physical body has the ability to heal, our chakras can become blocked due to stagnant energy being stored in our bodies from chronic stress, anxiety, toxins, trauma, grief, self-doubt, fear and the like. These emotions create imprints on our biology and for many of us continue to show up until we, recognise them, clear them and create a different imprint, story or belief.

When our Emotional layer (aura) is ‘cluttered’ it creates mind chatter, negative thoughts and detaches us from the ability to ‘ switch off’ which can present as stress, anger, anxiety, insomnia, pain, illness and dis-ease. Reiki is an effective means of both preventing and combating these imbalances as it helps to process and release heavy emotions, negative patterns and conditioning in order to restore the body back to its natural healing capabilities. It is important to note that Reiki is not a religion or tied to any dogma, nor does it require the recipient to "believe" in reiki in order to be effective.

When something happens that throws you out of alignment and shifts you into a lower vibrational energy, or emotion, such as the uncertainty that has been created with Corona virus or you lose your job, or a relationship fails, or you experience some sort of trauma, it is very easy to become stuck, stressed and go on a downward spiral of emotions, that can lead you to feel more stressed and create further imbalance, blockages, or stagnant energy in any of your chakras at any time.

Therefore, it is vital that as humans we have a mechanism for processing and dealing with the emotions we experience.

As mentioned, Reiki is one very effective way to help remove some of these blocks and to help you release some of the stuck energy and emotions that no longer serves you. Allowing you to feel more expansive and light. Reiki healing is a holistic technique that balances the chakras and clears the aura helping you overcome negative thought patterns, create a deeper sense of self awareness , improve mental clarity and create a sense of purpose and motivation.

Adding regular reiki treatments into your life will

  • Reduces stress

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Calms the nervous system by activating the PNS and creating a deep sense of relaxation, thus improving overall mood

  • Clear blocked and stuck emotions from your system

  • Improve relationships and communication

  • Improve meditation practise

  • Improve mental clarity, memory and focus

  • Improve spiritual connection and intuition

The best part you don't even need to be in the same room as the practitioner to receive the benefits. That is because reiki is a form of quantum healing, sometimes referred to as distance healing, which, allows people to receive the benefits of reiki even if they are unable to be physically present. The practitioner connects with the recipient's bioenergy field and reiki is channeled & instantly transmitted.

Quantum energy healing, is a natural healing method that utilises your body’s own life force energy to bring about optimal wellness.

Guided meditation, and breathwork, are often incorporated into the treatment so that the client receives a deeply restorative experience aligning mind, body, spirit.

If you are interested in this type of healing and need some help clearing blocked or stuck emotions, or just generally feel out of alignment. I am available for online appointments.


As Always Much Love, Light and Many Blessings from me to you


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