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Create your 2021Vision and Souls Desires

This is all about really digging deep and uncovering your goals and vision for 2021 and designing a roadmap for your soul's deepest desires. It’s all well and good to say your goals, but in order to achieve them it’s vital that you embody them and deeply understand your WHY behind them!!!

When goal setting and thinking about your vision, it’s easy to skip over the reflection side of things, but reflection is a super-important part of the process because it allows us to assess, tune in and contemplate the year that's been. Stopping and taking a moment to acknowledge all that you have been through, the things you have achieved, and all the growth that’s taken place, will serve you when it comes to understanding your why. So, before you rush ahead and completely write off 2020, I urge you to begin by looking at the year that is behind you.

Now, I get many of you will not be excited by the prospect of this, especially this year and I’ve heard so many people saying they can’t wait for this year to be over, like the moment we enter 2021 everything is going to be magically better and Covid will just disappear. Unfortunately, that is not true, and whilst this has been one of the most challenging years for many of us, myself included, writing it off without taking a moment to reflect and giving yourself the opportunity to understand that it's all unfolded exactly as it was meant to is simply a disservice to you. 2020 unfolded exactly as it should, so take some time beautiful reflect back. You may be pleasantly surprised.

So my lovely, grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of vino, light some candles, put on some music, whip out your journal and answer these questions with an open heart, because, despite all that may or may not have occurred, we’re about to celebrate the year that’s just been…

2020 WRAP UP


  • What were the more challenging times in 2020, how did you show up? Are you happy with how you showed up or could you have shown up differently?

  • In what ways did you step outside or were pushed outside your comfort zone this year? How did that make you feel? What did you learn during the process?

  • Have you been able to love with your whole heart? If not, how come?

  • Have you been as fully present as you could be? If not, why not? Where could you have been more present?

  • Where did any old limiting beliefs, fears or stories pop up?

  • What are you ready to let go of? For example, an old limiting belief, a job, a relationship, a situation, a pattern, a painful memory, resentment, hurt, or some sort of behavior you are still holding onto.

  • Is there anyone you need to forgive?


  • What did you birth / create in 2020

  • What were the 3 best things that happened in 2020?

  • What are you most proud of?

  • What are 1-3 biggest things you have learned this year?

  • What have been your top 3 biggest lessons for the year?

  • In what ways have you grown in 2020?

  • Describe 2020 in 3 words

  • What are you most grateful for in 2020?

Now that you have reflected on the year that’s passed, it’s time to contemplate the year ahead. However, before you do that, you might like to do a little ceremony to cleanse yourself and your home and lay a fresh foundation for your dreams. You can do that by writing a letter of all you want to release yourself from and let go of in 2020. If there is anyone you need to forgive, be sure to include that in there too. Once you have finished this, I suggest doing a small ritual and burning the letter or ripping it up and disposing of it. To take it a step further you could follow it up with a sage cleansing ritual around yourself, home and office. Great for clearing any stagnant energy. All you need to do is get yourself a stick of palo santo or sage and light it, then cleanse yourself in the smoke and once you have done yourself, walk around each room in the house, cleansing and clearing it of any old and stagnant energy. I love doing this and do it whenever I feel the energy in the home has shifted, and is a great idea for creating a clean energetic slate for the new year.

Now that you have reflected and let go of the past, it is time to contemplate your future. Close your eyes for a moment and think about the year to come. You may like to sit in silence or you could do a meditation for about 10 minutes or so. Once you have taken some time, to visualise your desires and what you want to create, open your eyes and answer the below questions.

SET UP 2021

It’s super important that when you are setting your goals and creating your vision and souls desires for 2021 that they tick the following criteria…

  • They must be heart-centered.

  • They must inspire you and get you super excited when you think about them. They may even make you feel butterflies in your tummy, this is a good sign. It means you are on the right path.

  • They must be true for you and not something you think or have been told that you ‘should’ do or achieve.

  • They must use inspiring, positive and specific language and be specific, ‘lose weight’ is not inspiring or very specific. Think along the lines of ‘Release any excess weight, by eating high vibrational and nutritious foods and listening to my body, so as I have more energy and I can move my body with ease ’. Same with ‘Find happiness. Try something like, ‘Remind myself each day of all that I have to be grateful for and smile for all I do have'

  • They must make your heart sing. If your goals don’t give you butterflies and excite you like a kid on Christmas eve, then create a different goal.

  • They must not overwhelm or stress you out.

CREATION TIME: 2021 Goals, Vision and Soul desires

  • What are 5 words to best describe how you want to feel in 2021? For example: Peaceful, joyous, connected, vital, balanced, calm, present, healthy, bursting with love, grounded, expansive, focused, abundant. Etc.

  • What are 1-3 goals you would like to achieve in each of the following areas?

    • Health

    • Career

    • Finances

    • Self-love

    • Relationships

    • Spirituality

  • If travel opens up this year, would you want to go somewhere, if so where? Be as specific as possible.

For example, I would love to travel to Hawaii in 2021 for 2 weeks with my husband, so he can see the infamous Pipe and I can experience the beautiful Hawaiin culture and together we can explore all the island has to offer.

  • What are 2-3 hobbies or interests that you would like to explore and make more time for in 2021?

  • What will you make more time for?

  • How do you want to do things differently in 2021?

  • What does your ideal morning routine look like? Be as specific as possible.

  • What does your ideal day look like?

  • How can you give more to yourself next year? What does that look like for you specifically?

Now that we have addressed what you are looking to bring in for 2021, we are going to dive a little deeper and look at what your identity is, your non-negotiables, boundaries and your beliefs that you can put into place to ensure your success and create further commitment.

What is your Identity?

Now that your goals are DONE answer the following two questions.

  • Who do you choose to show up as?

    • Example: I choose to show up as an inspiring, vital and empowered woman. Someone who is not afraid to be herself and be vulnerable when necessary. A woman who shares authentically and empowers and serves others, whilst always remembering to fill her cup first.

  • How do you show up daily as you bring these desires to reality?

    • Example: I wake up everyday and I honour my personal time, before I give to anyone else. I consistently take courses, read books and listen to podcasts that help me grow and learn. I make time for prayer and meditation consistently to keep me grounded and supported. When I connect with people I am present with them, I am focused in the moment and not distracted by other things.

Non - Negotiables

What are the daily and weekly non-negotiable things you commit to actioning?



  • Prayer

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude Practice

  • Read

  • Walk

  • Diary / 3 things needed to complete each day every day.


  • Exercise 3-4 times (Yoga, pilates and weights)

  • Self-care soul time

  • Journalling

  • Date night with my Husband

Take some time now and create your very own 2021 Self Love Menu. Aim to find 10 things that you can add to this and commit to doing one of these each week.

  • It might be a massage, a walk on the beach, a bath ect.


What am I done with, and no longer available for?


I am no longer available for people to pass negative comments

I am no longer available to stand in my own way, I make time for myself

I am no longer available for my limiting beliefs, I challenge them when they come up and I choose a new story

I am no longer available for people who take my energy


Now that my vision is done and available, I’m so grateful I chose to believe that:


  • I am worthy and deserving of an incredible relationship

  • It is my normal to receive success in my career and education.

  • It is my normal to be in the body I desire, to feel slim and confident and free of anxiety

  • I could trust myself enough to follow this path to achieve all that I desired.

  • It is my normal to feel and be abundant

  • As I show up and serve, my work is of my highest and most authentic when I'm in alignment and when I’m in this space of truth

  • I always feel healthy, energised and balanced. I am pain-free and ready to go.

Now close your eyes and think about 2021. See it, feel it, experience it like it’s already happened. Honor the desire and begin to imagine yourself living out this. See yourself living your best life, achieving your heart’s desires.

What does that feel like?

Who is around you?

Take 10 more minutes or so to really allow yourself to future-trip here. Smile as you see yourself creating the life you desire, being surrounded by loved ones, and achieving exactly what it is that you want. Smile to yourself and acknowledge the work you have put int to creating your 2021 vision and when you have finished your visualisation, move on to the next step.

Create Your Mission Statement and Soul Commitment

This is your chance to create your very own mission statement and Soul commitment to yourself. Do not take this lightly and be sure to dive into ALL areas and aspects that you are committing to.

For Example:

As the queen of my LIFE and destiny, I now decide and commit to showing up in every level of my life as ME. I am safe and supported as I make aligned decisions from my soul.

I commit to _____

I am _____

(remember to write things you are creating, committing to and asking for. See my very own mission statement below that I have created and I'm sharing with you all, to get some ideas for your own)

Belle Esprit’s mission statement

As the powerful WOMAN and co-creator of my life and destiny, I commit to showing up in every level of my life unapologetically as ME, the crazy, the wild, the silly and fun woman, who is also a coach, a healer, a badass, soft and feminine woman.

I allow myself to be open and vulnerable and to share my stories of not just the triumphs but challenges too. I am not afraid to show the world who I am.

I am safe and supported in all that I do as I make aligned decisions and take inspired action from my soul and accept guidance from God and the Holy Spirit..

I commit to being consistent, speaking my truth and ONLY taking action that is in true alignment with me, even when it scares me at times, because I know when I do this, I give others permission to share their truth, to grow to learn, to connect, to heal and rise up.

I commit to sharing my message and letting it channel through me with absolute certainty and confidence.

My husband Craig, brings me so much love and happiness. He is incredibly talented, intelligent and passionate about what he does. He is loyal, honest and generous. He is kind, playful and adventurous. He is thoughtful and always makes me a priority when he can. He is respectful and respected by others. He always makes me feel safe and secure. He does what he says he will do and is a man of his word. He has his own success and is his own individual who I respect with my whole being. e makes me laugh every single day. I am at my best with him, when we are dancing in the kitchen, singing together and Im making up words or just enjoying playing outside in nature together. I am so grateful to have found him.

We have a conscious, loving and epic relationship, that fuels my entire being and are always open and honest with one another.

We live in a beautiful 3 bedroom home with water views from all the rooms, waking up to the sound and view of the ocean fills my soul and keeps me balanced. We have an incredible kitchen where together we prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Its the heart of the home where we dance, laugh sing and create. Everyone of our meals is infused with so much love and joy.

We are ready to invite a precious new soul into this world and trust that we will be blessed in divine right timing with a being who will expand our world and burst open our hearts in more ways than we could have imagined.

We have beautiful friendships and family who we love to entertain and have over for delicious meals and our life often feels like a dream.

We both run successful soulful heart centred, businesses from home that we love and have an epic office with sea views. We have an amazing life together and between us are abundant in so many ways.. We are incredibly blessed.

It’s my normal for me to be abundant. I am always bringing on new clients with so much ease and I am so grateful that I get to create LIFE CHANGING and truly transformational results in each and everyone of them. My work lights up every ounce of my being and brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

I teamed up with Craig and together we birthed the Feelgood Movement, a platform where we can share our knowledge and reach and transform more peoples lives through our online courses that we have created together, the workshops we run and the retreats we offer.

I am committed to writing my very first book this year, a book that will change the way women see themselves and will be a NY times best selling book.

On a daily basis I commit to being more connected through prayer, meditation, journaling and gratitude practice for how wonderful my life is, for the magic, happiness, and abundance, I’ve created. I recognise the importance of surrender and create space to lean back and allow my life to unfold and for the creative ideas to come to me.

I am no longer available for anyone in my life who drains my energy and isn’t in alignment to my vibration. I do not have friendships that are all about taking or complaining, or are negative all the time. My friendships are of the highest level and we are all on the same playing field as me.I’m so grateful for the soulful connections and beautiful friendships and relationships in my life. I feel incredibly lucky.

I am super healthy and very conscious of what I fuel my body with. I make time for movement and exercise that I enjoy. But I also allow room for that extra cookie, and the days I don’t work out and I choose to not feel guilty about it, because I choose to enjoy my life and this is a part of that. I feel fit, energised and strong and love the body I have.

I am ALL IN and committed 100% to my souls mission and purpose, impact and vision for my life…

I am here to be of service, to help others transform, to continue to learn and grow myself and share this knowledge so as I can create a ripple effect in the world around me.

Create YOUR 2021 Affirmations

Create 3-5 or so powerful statements to use as affirmations that you will write out and stick around your house and office so that you can see them when times feel challenging and hard. You may like to use some of what you wrote in the above mission statement or come up with entirely new ones

For example…

  • It is ok for me to trust and surrender my desires to the care of God/the universe, everything is unfolding exactly the way it’s supposed to.

  • I am safe and supported in all that I do as I make aligned decisions and take inspired action from my soul and accept guidance from God and the Holy Spirit..

  • I am not afraid to show the world who I am.

Letter to your Future Self

And finally, one of my favourite parts, zoom ahead to December 31st 2021 and write a letter to yourself about all that has happened in 2021 and all that you have achieved. Start it off with something like this…

Dear Belle,

WOW!!!!! 2021 has been absolutely incredible! You wrote and published your first ever book and it is a New York Times best seller!! You had talked about this book for years and now it is finally a reality. Well done, I'm so proud of you. You also became a Mumma to a beautiful baby, it was a wonderful pregnancy and magical birth. Not only this, but with the

creation of FGM you were able to continue delivering epic life changing resources to people! Etc etc…

This is not to be rushed so please take your time with this. You can either do it the old fashioned way and write it on some beautiful paper, seal it in an envelope with your name on it and put it somewhere safe, or you could use future me an epic email service designed exactly for this purpose, where you can write your letter to your future self and have it sent to you in 1, 3 or 5 years time.

And my Friends that is it, this whole process should take you no more than 1-2 hours and is so incredibly worth it. So give yourself this gift and rather than just loosely throwing your 2021 goals or resolutions out there without much thought, create space to connect with your heart and soul and figure what it is you really want to create.

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