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Reiki Treatment

Treatment Process

What to Expect during your Reiki Session

The first 15-20 minutes of your session we will have a consultation and I will give you time to let me know exactly what you would like to work on and set an intention for the day’s session. Often I use Angel cards to gain further clarity and direction for the session where indicated.


It also helps, if before your session you think about why you want to have a treatment and what you would like to achieve during your session. The clearer you are the better. To prepare for your session, it's also important that you are well hydrated and have some water ready after the session. Energy healing will be far more effective if you have adequate water in your system. Remember reiki seeks to restore to the body wherever the vital energy is unbalanced, if you are dehydrated it will not be as efficient.


Once we are ready to begin, I will start by bringing healing energy  into the room and balancing each of your chakras.  The energy typically feels like tingling, or warmth, but for a few it is perceived as cold, even when a non-touching or distance approach is being used.


During  the Reiki session, you will lay on a comfortable surface like a padded massage table or if you are in your own home,  you could lie on a couch, bed or yoga mat in a quiet room, fully clothed.

If in person, I will place my hands lightly on or a few inches over your head and body. If it is a distance sessions, we will connect over zoom or skype  and I use a body chart and intentionally visualise the area I am working on. Make no mistake, these sessions are just as effective as in person and a great option, for those who want a treatment in the comfort of their own home.


Each session commences with some gentle breath work and if you like I will play soothing music quietly. This enables you to go into a state of deep relaxation during the session which is pivotal for the bodies healing process. A one hour session is the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep.


Once relaxed, I will peacefully and quietly increase your vital energy, work on any imbalanced chakras and assist  in improving the quality of your health, emotions, and patterns of thinking. Sometimes I may have you visualise a calm place, white light or instruct you with the healing process.


You will find yourself drifting with thoughts and may even fall asleep.

What to expect after your Reiki Session

At the end of a session, many clients report an unusually peaceful and calm state of mind; This combined with a general feeling of well-being, are usually the most noticeable immediate effects of the treatment, although emotional releases can also occur. If you start to cry or become angry at the end of the session, this too is a positive sign of release and are generally just repressed emotions that need to be released. 

After the session we take some time to  discuss anything that came up during the reiki. Know that the immediate effects of the reiki, can last several days, in some cases, this is a crucial time to process and release things that no longer serve you.  So, be gentle with yourself and know that if you get emotional or feel a little tired or sick over the next few days, it is perfectly normal. The best thing to do is to acknowledge it and let it go-don’t indulge in the emotion or sickness! The quicker you do this, the quicker you restore the balance and equilibrium. 


Remember, the Reiki treatment stimulates the natural healing processes, of the mind, body and soul, therefore instantaneous 'cures' of specific health problems are not usually observed, however in some cases vast improvements can be observed and felt. 


A series of three or more treatments, typically at intervals of 1 to 7 days, is usually recommended for  chronic conditions and regular treatments, on an on-going basis, can be used with the aim of maintaining overall well-being. The interval between such treatments is typically in the range of 1 to 4 weeks. Receiving sessions on a regular basis will provide deeper balancing and longer-lasting benefits.  Remember healing takes commitment and time.

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