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What is Transformational Coaching

And how is it different from everyone else?

Transformational Coaches address the root cause and guide clients in holistic healing, addressing all areas of life. The transformational  coaching I do,  uses a combination of reiki, holistic health and life coaching practises to take women on an inner journey of themselves. It empowers them to release their fears, their stories, blockages and whatever else is holding them back head on, to create a remarkable life transformation. It is something I found myself drawn towards after years of my own spiritual work  in combination with my work as a nutritionist, PT and health coach. that unfortunately not only left me disillusioned and in search for more answers on what it actually took to get optimal health, but was also culminated  by my very own very real health crisis. Funnily enough, it was actually through combining my knowledge as a health coach with my spiritual practises that I was able to truly heal myself once and for all and see the real power behind what I could do as a transformational coach.

You see as a Nutritionists you are taught to give  a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid and usually only look at a person’s diet. As PT you are taught to focus on fitness and in some cases you are given a brief education on what your clients should be eating.

Yet the truth is, most people have so much more going on than just issues with their diet and exercise routine. I know, I sure did.

As a transformational coach, there is no one sized fits all approach, a quick fix or magic pill, that you give to clients. NO, it’s so much more than that.

AND this is why I love what I do and I know you will too.

As a transformational coach, all areas of your life are explored. Together we  take a deep dive and look at what’s happening in your career, your relationships, how you feel about your finances, how your spirituality and creative needs are being met and how all of these can have an impact on your overall happiness and life. Each client is dealt with individually and every plan is tailored to meet your own specific needs.

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