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About Me

Hey Beautiful,


I’m so honored you've made it here and that you are taking the time to find out more about me, who I am and the epic story behind how Balanced Nourished and Free was created.


I’m Belle Esprit,


Most days you can find me in my yoga pants or some floaty floral summery dress (anything but a work uniform)  working on my laptop sitting next to my amazing fiance Craig. I am a devoted partner,  Christian, animal lover, transformational coach, Reiki Healer,  Yogi, enthusiastic blogger, creative cook and a woman who seeks adventure. I  believe in living this one life we have the best we can, having lots of laugh out loud moments of fun and silliness, and I encourage a moderation mantra.


I love eating delicious healthy foods, including good quality dark chocolate  and moving my body everyday. I have destroyed the hustle mentality, I used to live by and instead, I now fully embrace the concept of rest, recovery and reflection as essential assets, of the progress towards  a successful and ultimately happy and balanced life.

I am just like you beautiful, a woman, a sista, a soul searcher with my own needs. Seeking to feel and live the best life I can. I‘ve learnt to listen to my body and I want you to listen to yours. I’m a Yoga teacher yes, and I love tempe and tofu, but that doesn’t make me a vegetarian. I don’t believe in labels, ‘a work for the sake of working’ mentality, deprivation or extreme measures. Although I used to.

I, now nourish myself with wholesome healthy food, incredible self-care and a lifestyle I’ve designed to keep me feeling balanced, nourished and free. This included a career change, manifestation of the best relationship I’ve ever had and a commitment to myself to continue showing up every single day, with the permission to rest whenever needed.


You see, life is a beautiful journey, a delicate balancing act of work, relationships, spirituality, fitness, food and freedom. 


All of these components must be nourished and feel in authentic alignment and then and only then, will you feel the freedom you truly desire, if not your world can  and will come crashing down. That is exactly what happened to me. I was out of alignment in just ONE area, working in a job I no longer loved, subscribed to a hustle and grind mentality, at times working up to 90 hours a week, all whilst studying to be a  coach  and you know what I crashed and burned, really HARD and it hurt, mentally, physically and spiritually.


I learnt, I wasn’t the superwoman I thought I was and that I couldn’t just push and push my body without any rest and then ask it for more. Truth be told beautiful, I’m still learning, we all are, there is no destination but a constant journey of growing, learning and evolving that we are all on. And although sometimes, the universe still smacks me down, I’ve now learnt to listen, to tune in and live every day from a place of love and not fear. If I get anxious, I embrace it with curiosity and explore it from my heart without judgement. I know what lights me up now and my mission is to help  as many women as I can create a vibrant, fulfilling life — one that you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning for, where you are gloriously full of energy and that genuinely makes you feel like the stunning, Goddess that you are.

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