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What is Distance Healing

WE are all connected, we all have this connective universal source energy within us. The energy that flows through your body is the same energy  that sustains and connects all living things and so distance healing is actually a function of quantum physics and is  often referred to as quantum healing.


Distance healing, allows people to receive the benefits of reiki & sound even if they are unable to be physically present. The practitioner connects with the recipient's bioenergy field and reiki is channeled & instantly transmitted. Which has been proven to be just as effective as an in-person treatment. 

Quantum Healing is a natural healing method that utilises your body’s own life force energy to bring about optimal wellness.

Guided meditation, sound healing and breathwork,  are often incorporated  into the treatment so that the  client receives  a deeply restorative experience aligning mind, body, spirit.

Using the Reiki symbol Hon She Ze Sho Nen ( the symbol for distance Healing) the energy that bridges space and time is invoked creating a direct flow of energy from practitioner to the recipient.


The practitioner is empowered with the symbol to send healing to the past present and future. It is sent to heal pain or trauma from the past, to the present as well as the future version of the recipient for upcoming situations or events.


HOW?? Because time and space don’t actually exist as quantum Physicists have shown.

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