Hi, I'm Belle

A rocking women’s transformational coach,  energetic healer and chocolate lover. I am obsessed with coaching women to release themselves from, limiting beliefs, old stories and from the stress and burnout that being out of alignment brings,  so as they can live a more Balanced, Nourished and Free Lifestyle.

A small town Girl, with a huge heart, who has travelled the world, loves to laugh and sing (even if I never get the words right), happiest when barefoot in nature and truly lit up when sharing my intuitive and spiritual, inside out approach to healing.

For those who want a little more and are ready to TRANSFORM their lives. This is for you, but only if you are serious about taking your life to the next level. 

A 16 week online holistic health and wellness program. This is a great place to start and will have you feeling happier and healthier and more inspired to live you best life.

If you are looking to enhance the body's natural healing, whilst rebalancing your chakras and releasing stagnant energy blockages look no further.

As I'm sure you know,  meditation, improves concentration, performance and calms the body and mind, thus lowering stress. 

But did you know, that there is more than one method to meditate. One such method and a fav of mine, is seed meditation. 
Seed meditation is the practise of chanting a specific mantra which becomes planted into your subconscious through

repetition. The mantra Sat Nam translates to truth identified and allows you to identify with the truth of who you are.

Chanting this mantra also  balances the five elements within (earth, water, fire, air and ether), awakens the soul and brings your destiny present.

That's why I'm gifting you this short seed meditation, when you sign up below. 

My Clients Say


I am extremely grateful for my journey with Belle as a coach and it is very humbling and wonderful to know that she will be there again if and when I need her as someone who now knows me and has helped me learn about myself.

I would recommend her as coach to anyone that is looking to make a change and learn how to deal with stress and overwhelm holistically. Although I felt nervous and afraid of opening up and being vulnerable, belle was incredibly compassionate and understanding with an incredible depth of knowledge that she doesn’t press onto you, but rather empowers you with the tools to find your feet and you truth. Now I feel refreshed and light knowing that I have a soundboard and someone I can trust to talk to without judgement. I also feel confident and capable, fulfilled with self-empowerment.

Belle helped me get to the core of how I was feeling, to embrace my anxiety, find my purpose, gain confidence and take complete ownership of my life for myself. I was able to generate a balanced wholesome routine, manage stress and anxiety and truly enhanced my relationship with myself.


The biggest change I have noticed is that I have learnt how to speak my truth and be totally true to myself, allowing me to be confidently who I am which has in turn positively affected my drive, my relationships with family and friends and the ability to enjoy each day and take full accountability for my actions.

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